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At Global Clean, we are your go-to professional cleaners in The Greater Toronto Area. Global Clean provides industrial cleaning and commercial cleaning services, with free cleaning supply deliveries to our customers. With decades of professional cleaning experience, we are competent to carry out any type of work – from commercial vacuuming, dusting, and mopping to extreme cleanups.

Want to know more about our Commercial Cleaning Services?

Global Clean guarantees a wonderful cleaning experience with satisfaction to all of our industrial and commercial customers. Whether it is office cleaning, warehouse cleaning or even cleaning supplies delivery, Global Clean is a name you can rely on.


Global Clean is a reliable facility that employs professionals cleaners who are fully trained and certified in WHIMS, blood-borne pathogens, and Asbestos safety. Our understanding of safe work practices, exposure risk hazards, and worker contamination ensures worksite safety and helps us serve you in a level-headed manner. So that even during emergencies, our customers can rely on us for our cleaning services.

Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System
Worsite safety
Safe commercial cleaning
Safe industrial cleaning
Worksite safety
safe commercial cleaning
safe industrial cleaning
Blood borne pathogens training
asbestos safety training

Project Green

To ensure zero harm to the ecosystem, we use certified Eco-friendly products from trusted manufacturers.

Meet Our Team

Our team follows a strict COVID19 protocol that allows us to provide you with safe commercial cleaning services. So your customers and employees feel safe in your workplace.

If your business is based in The Greater Toronto Area and you require professional cleaning services, look no further. Give Global Clean a call right away.

Tel: (416) 284 -2108

Email: info@globalclean.ca

Fax: 416-546-4742

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